Here you can find all the information on how to get the most out of your profile.


To edit your profile, click on the "Edit profile" button in the upper right corner of the main page, under your profile picture!

On your profile, click on the block you want to fill in, and the interface to be filled in will open!

General data

In the General data, you can set your name, introduction, interests, place of residence, and you can set your assets, standard of living and annual income.

Detailed data

Here you can provide additional information about your appearance, personality, and interests. These will all appear on your profile, so it is advisable to fill them in as much detail as possible so that they are more likely to click on you.

Which I would like to try

Here you can choose from preset options. Feel free to mark more with one click! The other members can let you know if they would like to experience one of them with you, so you can even find a travel companion for special experiences. If you want to delete one, click it again!


Their operation is similar to #hashtags. After typing your chosen keywords, press "Enter" one by one to make them appear.

When you are done with the settings, click the "Save" button!


In "Profile editing" you can see settings related to pictures in the left panel: you can upload a profile picture, public and private photos, as well as exclusive photos that members can access in exchange for credits.

We offer 3+1 setting options:

  • Cover image: appears at the top of your profile, visible to everyone. You can select a photo from your computer or phone by clicking the "Upload cover image" button.
  • Public gallery: Upload here the pictures you want to show everyone. Click on the "Upload image" button and select photos from your computer or phone, or you can also choose from your photos uploaded to Facebook. You can delete them at any time by clicking on the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the image.
    After uploading, you can set any picture as your profile picture, just click the "Make profile picture" button below the picture!
  • Private gallery: Only users you allow can see it, so you can safely upload anything here, because until you allow it for a profile, no one will see it. Users can request to view your private gallery, which you can accept on the left side, or you can delete the request. You can also request access to another user's private gallery. To do this, go to the person's profile, then click on the "Request permission" button for their private pictures!
  • Exclusive gallery: This function is currently only available to professional models of Milliomosok.hu. Here you can earn money with your photos. You can set how many credits members can buy access to your images for, and 70% of the credits remain yours.

For details, contact us at hello@millimosok.hu!


To edit your profile, click on the "Settings" button in the upper right corner of the main page, under your profile picture!

You can find various settings here, for example you can change your password, see how others see your profile and you can also manage your notifications here.


To change the password, enter your current password in the upper field, then the new password twice below. It's a good idea to enter a strong password that contains upper and lower case letters, numbers or even special characters (e.g. @, %). Click the "Save" button!


Here you can set where you want to receive the various notifications. You can set up e-mail notifications or browser notifications, or you can set it up to receive notifications everywhere if something happens on your profile.


Here you can see the list of people you blocked. If you blocked someone by mistake, or you just want to unblock them, you can do it here.


Here you can delete or temporarily suspend your profile. IMPORTANT: by deleting your profile, you will miss out on new members and possible new acquaintances, so please think about it before you make your decision.


You can set two simple but useful things here.

  • Last activity
    The last activity shows when you last visited the page. If you browse daily, you are more likely to be clicked, as this shows that you are an active member of the site.
  • Date of registration
    With the date of registration, you can indicate that you are already a former member, or that you have just joined and are getting to know the site.



You can see who messaged you, who liked you, who sent you a gift and who viewed your profile.


Discreet mode allows you to search the site as a "ghost", i.e. you will not appear in the search results lists and it will not be visible if you have visited someone's profile. This also means that you do not have to fill in your data sheet or provide a photo. 1000 credits or Platinum membership is required to enable discreet mode!


Here you can see your previous payments. You can check whether your subscription to premium memberships has been successfully received or rejected. You can pay with a secure bank card payment.


You can find additional useful functions in the bar labeled PROFILE on the left. The screw icon under your profile picture takes you to "Settings" with one click, the crown icon takes you to "Subscriptions", and the dollar sign takes you to the "Credits" interface.


On this interface, you can filter among members according to different conditions.


You can browse all members by clicking on this tab.


You can view messages sent by members.


Here you can see who visited your profile.


  • Gifts: Here you can see if someone has sent you gift credits. You can later redeem them for real gifts, such as travel or premium membership.
  • They like you: These members liked your profile.
  • Favorites: Here you can see the members you marked as favorites.
  • Matches: The list of members with whom you have mutually interacted, i.e. liked or favorited each other. A useful function, since in case of mutual sympathy you could chat with each other immediately.
  • I would experience with you: The list of members who would experience with you one of the experiences from your given bucket list. Visit them and make your dream come true!
  • Match: A useful function, especially when traveling, if you don't have time to read the data sheets. With the "Match" function, you can decide who likes you based on a picture. Like or mark the most attractive members as favorites! The person you reject will no longer appear in your hit list.
  • Private keys: Here you can manage access requests to your Private images, and you will also be notified here if someone has accepted your request.
  • Exit: You can exit your profile. You should visit the site daily, as you are more likely to be clicked if you are an active member of the site.



Are you getting there? Set whether you are open to a meeting immediately and organize a date even while traveling.


If you don't want to switch to Gold or Platinum membership yet, you can turbocharge your profile with exciting features by purchasing one-time credits.

  • Spotlight: Make yourself stand out from the rest of the members so that the right candidates can notice you more easily! The spotlight bar is located at the bottom of the page on mobile and on the right side on a computer. The price of highlighting is 50 credits for 3 days.
  • Turbocharge yourself!
  • Gifts: You can buy digital credits on the site, but you can also receive credits from members as a gift. It's worth collecting them, because later you can even redeem them for real gifts. Membership, travel, new wardrobe... It's up to you what you spend it on!
  • Buy a membership!:You can change your subscription here, as well as "Change membership now!" in the left-hand bar. by clicking the button. Registration on the site is free, but to view the photos you must have at least a Gold membership. The Platinum membership is for the real big guns: this package provides extra prominence on the site, and you can also access the discreet mode this way.